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As the population continues to grow, dwelling sizes and free space in cities are in decline. When you talk to dog owners, finding suitable places outside the home to spend free time with their pets is becoming increasingly difficult as there are no quality pet focused directories available.


A tool for dog owners to quickly find new or highly recommended places to go and things to do with their dog, instead of feeling limited by them!

Dog owners can research dog friendly destinations by keyword, category and also find places nearby using a map.  Information regarding venues and events can be found, with community user reviews and ratings.  Even better, dogs (and their owners) can set up a profile and also socialise with other dogs (owners!) by posting events, meet-ups with the dog pack or just sharing some tips.

Businesses are also able to interact with dog owners, advertising specials, offers (vet, dog wash, puppy school, pet store, etc) and events.


Key to Poochi’s approach was diving into the dog-owner community to research the very clear pain points, what needs and goals could be solved with a digital platform and just ‘how far’ to go with the solution without it becoming overkill.

User research very clearly surfaced the core functionality for Poochi in three defined parts:

1 – Finding, understanding and reviewing dog friendly venues, places & events e.g. cafes, bars, parks, beaches etc
2 – Building a social network in the already very strong dog-owners social scene
3 – Building a more effective link between dog owners and relevant services/business

Techniques used:

Competitive Analysis | User Research | Survey | User Interview | Data Synthesis | Site Mapping | Personas | User Scenario | Feature Prioritisation | Sketching | Rapid Prototyping | Usability Testing | UI Design


Axure | Sketch | Photoshop | Pen & Paper | Marvel


Sketching | Wireframe | Interactive Prototype

After collecting research data, refining personas and defining clear functionality and architecture the ‘pens were out’.

On paper I sketched some low fidelity prototypes to map the user flow with some key environmental elements in mind – use would likely be ‘on the move’, outside and in the company of distractions (your dog!).  Simplicity was key and many refinements were made.

Sketches were taken into Axure and interactive prototypes created.  For UI my nativity to Photoshop proved key and the platform was tested using Marvel.

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